Welcome to LATITUDE Pharmaceuticals

Formulation Experts for Insoluble Compounds

LATITUDE Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a leading-edge contract research organization boutique that provides innovative drug formulation services to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Since our founding in 2003, we have performed over 700 formulation development projects for over 200 client companies and have developed a world-wide reputation for creative approaches, reliability, rapid turnaround, successful formulations and client satisfaction.

LATITUDE’s focus is on the special challenges of formulation development for highly insoluble compounds. This effort has made LATITUDE a specialist with the experience and track record to tackle the toughest formulation challenges for highly insoluble and problematic drug candidates.

LATITUDE’s expertise is very timely: Experts now estimate that approximately 90% of new chemical entities have an aqueous solubility of less than 1 microgram per mL.

LATITUDE employs a wide armamentarium of unique techniques and technologies to address insolubility, instability, poor absorption, vein irritation, large/bulky doses, lack of IP protection and other formulation challenges over a wide range of pharmaceutical dosage forms.

LATITUDE also develops its own proprietary drug formulation technologies and makes these available to its clients to improve efficacy, safety, and overall therapeutic value and establish new intellectual property for their drug compounds. In addition, LATITUDE applies its own technologies to develop improved formulations of existing drugs that can be developed as accelerated approval 505(b)(2) NDA candidates. Contact LATITUDE for more information on these Licensing Opportunities.

In servicing the formulation challenges of biotech and pharmaceutical companies, LATITUDE has grown by building a strong repeat business while providing excellent services to our clients.  Contact us for more information and to discuss how LATITUDE can address your drug formulation needs.