Employment Opportunities

updated 7/15/2019

Research Scientist

LATITUDE is seeking a Research Scientist to carry out individual drug formulation development projects for our clients. LATITUDE utilizes its extensive experience and proprietary technologies to solve issues of insolubility, instability, poor absorption and other formulation challenges over a range of dosage forms for both external clients and internal programs. A successful candidate will possess proficiency in a variety of analytical chemistry techniques including HPLC. This is a salaried, full-time position at our San Diego location.

Job Requirements

  1. Research and review the scientific literature for information on competitive and originator products, including patent, analytical methodologies, etc., to develop and characterize new product parameters. Design project study plans and write protocols.
  2. Perform pre-formulation evaluations including solubility, stability, drug-excipient compatibility, thermal characterization, flowability, compressibility, etc.
  3. Execute formulation and process development studies on a laboratory scale. Provide scientific direction to the formulation development group regarding innovator product characterization, formulation development and process development.
  4. Recommend, specify, and source new raw materials and components for new and reformulated products. Conduct analytical method development and validation.
  5. Perform/review stability testing on experimental formulations and demonstration batches to obtain information on the durability of manufactured materials under extreme conditions that will support proposed product expiration dating.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical or Chemical Science


Salary: $46,800.00 annually

Interested candidates for these positions should send their resume (cover letter optional) to: jobs@latitudepharma.com.